About Bloom Hair Bar

We are not like any salon you have visited. As a collection of well-traveled stylists, we wanted to bring a brand and environment to the table that was client focused. Most salons tend to try and shape themselves to a certain demographic, price point or product brand.

At Bloom, we feel we should be able to accommodate every demographic,

Every price point and carry an immense number of products to allow clients the option to brand identify within our walls.

We are not here to restrict you; we are here to help you express yourself. The more tools and options we have to do that, the better. We are not a “such and such salon”, we’re YOUR salon.

Satisfied clients


Years of work


Outside of that,

Having an atmosphere that lends itself to feeling relaxed, having a laugh,

being visually stimulated or even just enjoying a glass of wine helps everyone escape, for at least a few minutes, the realities that attack us regularly. We are always trying to step up our in-house vibes at all times. So be on the lookout for new things on the walls, floors or even ceilings, that were not there the last time you stopped by. Speaking of wine, we get shipments from small vineyards monthly. So not only will you get to try something new with your hair, but you can sample something new as well.

In closing,

We can do the most difficult of colors, braids, extensions, and short cuts,

but we also have the availability to do very simple back to school cuts for your kids or even the picky spouse who likes to keep it basic. We have talent that specialize in Men, we have talent that specialize in Women and we have talent that can do both. Our goal is to plant you in our chair then watch what BLOOMS right before you hop up to head out, because we believe that in order for anything to bloom, all it needs is the right environment.

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At Bloom Hair Bar we are excited to have you experience our unique salon experience.

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Mon-Fri: 8 AM – 5 PM
Sat-Sun: 8 AM – 2 PM


(817) 502-9777


2401 Heritage Trace Pkwy Suite #109 Fort Worth, TX 76177